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On TargetPublicity Releases

Regular press releases are the heart and soul of a healthy PR program. It is the most cost-effective way to give your products exposure to potential customers. We carefully craft and target your message for the maximum impact in the right spot. We probe your corporate brain for newsworthy items to create a constant flow of press releases that make editors sit up and take notice. Leverage our investment in list management to be sure your news gets into the hands of the most important editors in all industry sectors. In addition, we use PRWeb to saturate the web with your message instantly. We make sure that your company and products get the "ink" they deserve.


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  • Case Studies
  • Application Stories
  • Feature Articles

Never again will you read a trade story and ask, "Why weren't we mentioned?" Creative Partners Group is expert in media planning—we coordinate with dozens of editorial calendars to make sure no opportunity is wasted. You're in good hands with Creative Partners Group—we've been writing for and about companies and their products for more than 25 years.

We make it our business to achieve and maintain close contact with the editors, writers and analysts who influence whether your story sees print. We deliver your story where and when it counts—and then we follow up to ensure it gets the attention it deserves.


Cicoil White Paper :: Feature Articles Cicoil White Paper :: Feature Articles Cicoil White Paper :: Feature Articles Cicoil White Paper :: Feature Articles Modern Laboratories :: Feature Articles Modern Laboratories :: Feature Articles Medical Valves :: Feature Articles Solid State Disks :: Feature Articles Custom Flow Sensor :: Feature Articles

Getting Editors to Work for You

Editorial coverage of your company, its products and services is a powerful segment of your overall marketing strategy. The legitimacy that editorial coverage lends to a company and its products is indisputable. So how do you get the editors of important publications to notice you? The answer that has proved successful for Creative Partners Group is simple: respect the editor and help make his or her job easier.

Make Their Jobs Easier

The editor's job is to fill a publication's pages with content that is interesting to the readership. When we present the editor with our comprehensive packages of text, photos and illustrations, we help him or her accomplish that job.

Respect Their Time and Position

How do we respect the editors? We do it by properly approaching them with truly interesting subjects. We never coerce editors with threats of advertising revenue loss; the ethics of journalism create an uncrossable divide between the editorial and advertising departments, and we respect that. We never attempt to slip old news across the editors' desks. We respect the editors' intelligence and don't want to be an irritant. And we only promote stories of interest to the editors' readership. Editors typically have thousands of publicity items crossing their desk each week and we want our clients' message to be among the stories that capture their attention amidst the jungle of paper.

We work hard for our clients to achieve a fair share of the limited editorial pages available each month. No one gets everything they want, when they want it. It must be understood that editors need to be equitable in the way they parcel out these valuable pages. Our adherence to the principle of respecting the editor has been very successful in returning value in the form of editorial coverage to our clients.




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