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Marketing Services

We work with you to help define a coordinated strategy for building brand awareness and preference. This entails more than advertising. It's a matter of examining every customer point of contact and synchronizing your message at each step. Continual evaluation and testing hones the effectiveness, building on each success and eliminating ineffective and wasteful activities. This is difficult to accomplish from an "inside-out" effort. You can benefit from the "outside-in" perspective provided by Creative Partners Group.

Media Planning...Changing Choices, New Challenges and Opportunities

Media planning is crucial to the success of any advertising campaign. Our value is making sure you get the best return on your media purchasing dollar. Selecting the right media where your message will be seen and acted upon takes intense research, networking skills, and deep media knowledge. At Creative Partners Group, we have honed these skills for more than 25 years and are experts at media planning and message targeting. Our long-term involvement in industrial marketing gives us vast knowledge of the media marketplace and excellent relationships with the key players. We are known and respected in the industrial trade press, a major benefit to our clients.

As early evangelists for interactive messages we developed a commitment to new communication channels. We have access to excellent online research tools and the expertise to deploy them for our clients. We strongly encourage the inclusion of new media as part of their overall media plan.

Market Research Diagram

Market Research

You can move forward with confidence with a little intelligence behind your decisions. Market research doesn't have to be expensive, and at Creative Partners Group it isn't. We collaborate with publishers to provide many benchmark studies and ad follow-up studies at no charge. In addition we conduct focus group studies, market perception studies and other specialized research that can legitimize strategy and gauge success.



Your marketing can be twice as effective if you aim it at both right-brained (emotional, aesthetic) and left-brained (logical, sequential) people. The North American population is about evenly divided, so if you use only one approach, half your advertising budget will be wasted.