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Ebbinghause Throws a Curve

In 1885 the first skyscraper penetrated the skies above Chicago…all nine stories. This was also the year that Hermann Ebbinghause published studies about memory. The Ebbinghause Curve of Forgetting has since been the foundation of advertising’s most effective strategy: frequency. The Ebbinghause studies showed that two-thirds of us forget specific messages one day after exposure. After one week, only a quarter of us can remember those messages.
Ebbinghause Curve

Just as we finish reading an ad our recall is 100%, but for the vast majority of us, that recall quickly fades (as indicated by the blue-green parabolas). Ebbinghause's research showed that each repetition of a particular message builds on previous exposures to significantly improve recall. Imagine throwing mud at a wall. The first handful mostly falls away, leaving just a mark. Keep throwing, however, and more and more of the mud sticks. In fact, the amount that sticks with each throw increases as the mud finds a grip. Your ads are the mud. Keep throwing them to see them stick better and better!


Is Your Ad Program Coasting Now?

Be prepared for a downhill ride.

Advertising & Brand AwarenessRecognition decays over time like the glow of phosphorous numerals on a watch dial. And the evidence shows that when you choose to coast, you will be coasting downhill. The negative force of fading memories must be counteracted through the twin towers of advertising effectiveness: frequency and continuity. This article focuses on continuity and illustrates research the proves its value in building brand awareness, which we know goes hand in hand with brand preference.


Advertising-to-sales ratios for the largest ad spending industries

How does your company stack up?Advertising Spending 2007

A question that often arises is, “How much should I be spending on advertising?” While every company has its own unique requirements, the table below will give you an indication of ad spending in your industry. This compilation is based on year 2007.


How to Be a Better Client

(so you get the results you want)

Want better advertising creative? Want it done quicker and more efficiently? Want your production done for less cost? You are right to expect these things from your ad agency, yet is there something you can do to improve your results? Like they say, It takes two to tango. Here's a list of steps you can take to build a solid, more productive relationship with your agency. (Of course, if you are not completely satisfied with the results you're getting from your agency or your in-house group, you should read this article after you give a call to Creative Partners Group!)


Branding Basics—4 Rules for Success

Is a Branding Program Right for Your Company?Company Branding

The question of branding often arises: is this a practical approach for most B2B industrial companies? Focus groups in which I’ve been involved with design engineers would suggest the answer is NO. Why? Engineers are looking for specifications and capabilities to match their application. So, while knowing my hamburger is going to taste pretty much the same from one McDonalds to the next, or feeling a bit like Michael Jordan when I lace up a pair of Nikes helps me identify and appreciate these “brands” from a “consumer” standpoint, the average business specifier or buyer is working from a more disciplined standpoint.


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"Great designers seldom make great advertising men, because they get overcome by the beauty of the picture — and forget that merchandise must be sold."

-James Randolph Adams