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Traditional Design Pubs Work to Stay Relevant

The grail for OEM component and services advertisers is targeted messaging to concentrated pools of design and manufacturing engineers. With growth of blogs, and other social media, such as Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc., how do traditional media powerhouses such as Penton, Reed, Thomas, Advantage and other well known print publishers stay relevant and, more importantly, effective for advertising today?

After an interesting lunch with the Vice President - Editorial Director of Design News (Reed Business Publishing), Karen Field, it is gratifying to report that some of our traditional media partners are not sitting on their hands. I can report that at Design News there is an appreciation of the change in method of desciminating OEM engineering information, and the need to build sites that include community dialogue among engineers of a wide variety of disciplines.

Without going into details of changes to come, I am happy to report that we can look forward to seeing some changes that will improve the online experience at Some changes involve an enrichment of basic engineering tutorial content, and some new columns dedicated to specific areas of design interests and disciplines, along with organizational changes that make accessing the depth of information more simple and user friendly. But more important than the content, we are looking forward to improved methods of maintaining "affinity", the attribute of enticing readers to come back for more, and visiting the site more frequently. This involves the building of more robust social interaction among peers. 

Advertisers are looking for eyeballs, and more specifically, relevant eyeballs. Industrial and high tech manufacturing advertisers are looking for dependable pools where the wildabeasts are known to dependably come to drink. The improvements to engineering sites like are welcomed by both information hungry engineers and the advertisers who look for cost-effective ways to impress them.

More power to the Karen Fields of traditional publishing that are embracing the power offered by the web, and good luck to Design News in continuing continued efforts in maintaining relevance in an internet driven world.

Which online sites do you think provide the best sandbox for engineers to come and play?



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