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How Can Spending Now Save Money

Savvy advertisers have a golden opportunity to lock in long term savings.Save on Media

As marketers we have to be constantly looking forward. And looking forward I see a tremendous window of opportunity for advertisers. During the current economic climate publishers are seeing one of the worst drops in ad spending since the depression. This sets up a great opportunity for advertisers to lock in some great rates that publishers will find difficult to radically increase over the coming years.

I'm sure some publishers won't like me saying so, but history illustrates that a rate once given to an advertiser can only be increased by a small percentage each year. So by buying now at the fantastic bargain rates being offered, you can preserve excellent savings for the coming years as the economy heats up again and the pressures to compete with advertising grow.

Plus, 3 ways to increase market share during hard times. Read moreā€¦

We are a strong proponent of advertising in recessional periods anyway because it is a company's best opportunity to improve its market share. And with indications of economic improvements and increases of ad revenues being predicted, now is the time make your media move and lock in some great savings for years to come. There has never been a better time where spending a little will save so much.

6-18 Month Buying Lag

Something else to consider is the reality of a "buying lag" for industrial components and products. Most purchases of products materialize 6 to 18 months after the initial inquiry. This means that if your want your post-recession sales to start strong, this is the time to be advertising. Learn how to keep your prospects well tended and in your corner during this buying lag time...a critical component in closing the sale.

We invite you to speak with Creative Partners Group for strategic media planning. It's just one of the ways we deliver more bang for your marketing buck.



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