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Business to Business Advertising & PR

CRM—Technology Taking Care of Customers?

Can Your Company Make it Work?

The last few years have seen a boom in CRM systems, but there is confusion in our industry as to what exactly CRM means, how it should be applied, and how big an investment to make into it.


5 Tips to Make Your Site a Better Web Experience

Web Site Tips You walk into a shoe store to buy a pair of shoes. The salesperson greets you, reads you the store’s mission statement, and out its logo. Then you’re abandoned in a room with thousands of shoes, instructed to locate the style and size you want, and find your own way through checkout. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Learn how to avoid this scenario on your web site.



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Your marketing can be twice as effective if you aim it at both right-brained (emotional, aesthetic) and left-brained (logical, sequential) people. The North American population is about evenly divided, so if you use only one approach, half your advertising budget will be wasted.